Torretta’s pride. Also this year a new challenge for the Club

Dear friends,

Our association is an Association of Clubs and in order to apply for endorsement for the role of third International Vice President I had to declare that I am a Member in good standing of a Lions Club in good standing.

The club is the essence of our association and without it we would not be a member. The club allows us to do things for others that each of us could not accomplish alone.

The Savona Torretta is my Club, it has always remained close to me in all the tasks I have carried out, both in the Club, in the District, in the Multiple District, and internationally, not only in the support where it was necessary to participate in Conventions, but, in particular, in the personal help that many of you have given.

I thank you for this with all my heart, what we have shared is a heritage of our pride in belonging to our Club.

In this new adventure, unique and I think unrepeatable, I felt you all close. Let’s face this first step with the District endorsement, a necessary element to be able to aspire to the Multidistrict presentation. Then let’s put it momentarily in the drawer and prepare to face phase 2 of the current COVID-19 emergency: if the current one is a difficult moment, phase 2 will be even more so.

Our community will need our help and we will have to respond to the needs of many as we have always done, but with even greater commitment.

Where there is a need, there is a Lion.


PID Roberto Fresia

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